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What is the future source of drinking water?




NASA has discovered that in the Earth's atmosphere, more than 12.5 trillion gallons of pure water are available at all times. But the problem that humanity should have to think about is how can this water be used?

Nature has already created a system for circulating clean water on Earth. Water from oceans, rivers, canals evaporates into water vapor into the atmosphere. By leaving the dirt below floating against the cold and condensing into rain with the sun as the main energy This process is the cleanest water purification. With only the H20 molecule left, everything is water again.


A natural distillation system is a method that nature uses to clean water. To be free from pollution, dust or various kinds of germs and return to rain back to feed all lifes on this planet.


Humans have mastered this natural method. Water from anywhere can evaporate into steam. It is a clean molecule without any substance and can be returned to clean water again.


We understand this process very well. Therefore, we have applied this principle to create the phenomenon of rain in our system. This system can produce purified water from 30 liters - 12,000 liters per day depending on the climate of the area.


Our challenge is to maximize the use of natural processes while keeping the cost of maintaining the equipment as low as possible.


We believe the Air Moisture Extraction System® is a simple concept but brings great productivity. It can meet the demand for clean drinking water in various areas around the world whether it is a humid tropics or even in the desert.



Properties of drinking water produced from air compared to ground water.


Drinking water from air molecules that you can feel from the first drop.


Water is formed by air masses.  And the water becomes a mass of air circulating like this endlessly.


Air Moisture Extraction System®  produces the first drop of water from air molecules, water never falls on the ground. It has clear properties,  pure and light that you'll feel it as the first time water enters your mouth and it disappears quickly to seep into your body. You'll feel the difference when you experience the first time.

Natural clean water that never absorbs all contaminants on the ground.


Water from air is formed by air molecules and never touches the ground, so the water does not absorb contaminants with the water itself.

Drinking water from the Air Moisture Extraction System®  It is unique than drinking water obtained from other processes because the water is extracted from the moment it is in the form of air molecules and is used to make drinking water. The water has not yet fallen to the ground, so it does not look hard, does not contain limestone, does not contain pesticides. And there are no substances that can harm your health in all respects.

The water with a light taste and refreshing as water from the sky.


The selling point of the Air Molecular Water Generator is when customers try it in the first time.

From our experiences, customers who have come to try our drinking water, they all say the same voice that water from air gives happiness.  Smooth, tastes like rain in a nature.

Water produced from the system  Air Moisture Extraction System®, when brewed into ice or mixed into beverages, not only will keep you healthy, it will also make your drink taste amazingly better. But for all these experiences, we recommend that you try it yourself.