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Know the Facts

When tap water is contaminated with toxins, what will bottled water bring you?


Salty tap water, the deadly threat caused by global warming

น่าน มีผู้ป่วยโรคมะเร็ง


Research by the Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University reveals the residual effects of pesticides exceeding the standard for contaminating tap water. bottled water and accumulated in fish samples collected from the Nan River.

Glyphosate is an herbicide classified by the World Health Organization's International Cancer Research Institute as a probable carcinogen. 

Chlorpyrifos is a chemical insecticide that inhibits brain growth, resulting in inability to develop normally and slow development. many countries around the world including China forbidden use in food crops  


Source: Chemical Warning Network 

Salty tap water is caused by the raw water source used to produce tap water is intruded by seawater. Due to drought, the river's water supply is insufficient to push saltwater. When the sea water intrusion rises to the point where water is diverted into the water supply canal Therefore, raw water entering the tap water production system has a higher than normal chloride concentration. The water supply system that is commonly used is unable to remove chloride in the water. thus causing the condition "Salty tap water"

Salty tap water is more common during the dry season. As sea water intrudes into the river, there is a risk of increasing the salinity of raw water entering the three water plants. Because the water supply plant in Thailand is a process that focuses on the removal of turbidity and disinfection from surface water sources. The process of producing tap water starts from combining sludge suspended in water by adding chemicals and adjusting the pH.

Salty tap water affects health if consumed. This is especially risky for people in high-risk groups, including young children, the elderly, and patients with certain conditions such as kidney disease or high blood pressure.

Source:  Thai PBS

Nan River is one of the headwaters of the Chao Phraya River. The amount of toxic substances produced by high-mountain agriculture The vast amount of pesticides used on 1.3 million hectares of agricultural plots are being washed by rainwater into the Chao Phraya River Basin. Location of the water supply plant and a large number of Thai bottled water companies More and more people in Nan have started to come in for cancer treatment. Toxins were found in vegetables, fish and eight brands of drinking water. The production process was to bring more water to the tap in the area. but unable to extract all the chemicals from the water


Source: Thai PBS television station 


Understand the water supply system before it is filtered into drinking water.


       Tap water production involves taking water from rivers to precipitate.  Filtered with a coarse filtration system and added chlorine to kill germs.


       Our research has found that when the upstream is contaminated by chemicals in the water or seawater is mixed with freshwater in the river, which is the raw material for tap water production. It is a new phenomenon that the plumbing system has never encountered before. Such traces of chemicals can contaminate the water before the water purifier can take over.

       But water purifiers are designed on the belief that tap water should be about a certain amount of cleanness.


       water filtration system  It is a system created to trap solutions and macromolecules only.  fine filtering Only certain substances can be filtered out. But it still can't filter out everything, such as agricultural pesticides, chlorine, microorganisms and chloride.


       The RO (Reverse Osmosis) system is the most refined filtration system. But to filter 1 liter of water, we have to discard 3 liters of pure water. It is wasteful filtration and the quality is not the best.

       When ROs are used where the water source is not from a quality water supply system, such as well water, the resulting water can be contaminated with substances and pathogens such as cholera. or other pathogens which most filter systems Disinfection system is not installed.


       When the source of water comes from a source where the water is hard water. In addition to being unable to consume Filters need to be replaced all the time. waste a lot compared to the price


      When groundwater is pumped up The next problem is The filter wears out quickly. The ground collapsed from the pumping of groundwater. and pathogens that are infested with underwater



Some information of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority.....

"Aside from quality problems that make groundwater unpopular The problem of excessive use of groundwater until the surface water seeps in, unable to replace It is a national crisis.
  causing the sea layer to infiltrate to replace groundwater Groundwater resources in Samut Prakan Province, which is close to the sea. Groundwater is brackish, salty, and the entire province has an underground void where surface water or sea water cannot be replaced. Can't bear the weight, has collapsed throughout the Bangkok metropolitan area. People and the state have to lose money and budget on flood damage and road surface upgrades, upgrading buildings, offices, and housing for tens of billions of baht. Preliminary study of underground water compression to replace the pumping of groundwater for use in the past several decades Calculated only the water cost about 17 baht, compared to the current tap water price of only 8.5 baht. Until today, no water is added to the ground. But groundwater is pumped out for use all the time. The government has set a policy to stop pumping groundwater, entrusting the PWA and PWA to expand the production of surface water to support big budget to support the water needs of those who have stopped using groundwater."


“Some groundwater contains nasty minerals. or hazardous to health dissolved in Northern groundwater is high in the mineral fluoride. Drinking and causing teeth to freckle, black. Groundwater in the Northeast region contains chloride radicals, making the water brackish and salty. Groundwater Bangkok and its vicinities used by many sources have iron, manganese radicals in soluble form. (Ferrus Valencia 2, Manganese Valence 2) when opening a new tap, the water is clear, when exposed to air or chlorine used to kill germs. It will change into an insoluble form. (ferric valence 3 manganese s valence 4) makes the water reddish-brown. Set aside, there will be red manganese iron sludge, red-brown. Washing clothes will be colored. Leave it for a long time, sanitary ware will have brown stains. And many sources contain chloride radicals, making the water brackish. Iron radicals also give the groundwater a rusty smell, one of the characteristics of groundwater.”



Air Molecular Water System vs. Filtration System


Water from air, water that you don't have to worry about contaminated upstream any more.


Air Moisture Extraction System®  is to turn away from natural water sources This is a process that requires many processes to create clean drinking water. A process that wastes both resources and destroys the country's environment.

Drinking water from the Air Moisture Extraction System®   Therefore, it is more special than drinking water obtained from the filtration process because the water is extracted from the moment it is in the form of molecules and is used to make drinking water. with an instant light sterilization process  Ultra violet stuck in the water tank Can destroy various germs better than the filter system.  where water runs through UV light at a speed  After getting the water So the water is pure. Free from sediments and toxins You can also choose to add minerals to the water as needed.

Water production system from air that does not require  maintenance.


Water filtration system   Requires installation by a professional technician.  due to the filtration of water coming from the water supply pipe Your purifier will have to work hard all the time.  Deterioration may be faster than expected (depending on the water source), resulting in more frequent costs.  The total is a larger long-term amount.


Air Moisture Extraction System®  We purify water that comes from upstream and the production process is already purified.  Our filter system doesn't have to work as hard as normal water filters.  This makes our filter maintenance costs relatively low.  and do not have to change the filter according to the amount of water used  but as appropriate that the customer will choose

Clean water production system that makes your life more independent.


When you want to relocate  The first thing that will come to your mind is the quality of the local water supply. Many times your tap water comes with a yellow sediment that you don't have the confidence to filter drinking.  Your water purifier won't work either.

Air Moisture Extraction System®  is to turn away from natural water sources You no longer have to worry about water quality. You can always have good drinking water.  Can be moved easily without installation Can be used in every place