We turn air molecules into the world's best drinking water to reduce global warming.

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To overcome deforestation, industrialization of reforestation supported by planting robots and Ai become major. They can work 24/7and plant as many as 1 billion trees per year.


Deforestation has been one of the national crisis for decades. Nowadays, the forest in Thailand has decreased as much as 75%, previously 30%, causing countless environmental and economic crisis. The government has failed to cease the deforestation or provide effective reforestation plan due to a shortage in manpower, budget, and lack of ability to surveillance all forest cover. The alarming decrease in Thailand’s forest areas leads to drought, water scarcity, and flash flood during raining season in the past years.


Tree planting drones are designed to replace hand planting with Artificial Intelligence as they can perform more efficiently, faster and around the clock. Not to mention that they can as well provide real-time surveillance and immediately alert the rangers when detecting any violations.


These drones can plant 500 trees, equally to 1,600 m2 within 10 minutes while saving more cost than hand planting methods. After firing the seeds into the soil, they will monitor the trees and collect the data for future forest management and forest economy products.


REFOREBOT, a project by Mr. Pakpoum Mahasith or the CEO of Ecolotech, was presented to General Prayuth Chan-ocha in Thailand Industry 4.0 event in 2016 with support from Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, Minister of Industry.



Build robotic technology to be able to plant forests faster than cutting them. Technologies are designated to be given as the property of mankind. By designing a robotic system capable of reforestation work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to meet the goal of 1000 million trees per year. And take care of the forest for invasion management and prevention. 


REFOREBOT will focus on selling tree packages, tree planting, annual tree surveillance, and forest cover surveillance. Our aim is to plant 500 million trees or around 400,000 acres within 3 years and enforce reforestation within the locals, allowing them to monitor their own trees. REFOREBOT is suitable for :

Any organization which intends to conduct a CSR in reforestation. Clients can purchase tree packages and receive a “Green Donation” token stating numbers of trees planted in a year. The token can be used alongside the client’s products and is certified by the United Nations as a genuine donator. 


Any individual who dreams of owning trees. Clients can now donate their money for trees and monitor them through pictures and the satellite location.


Any industrial company aiming to buy their carbon credits. We can assist in obtaining a certified document from the United Nations.


Any foreign organization who would like to learn this technological reforestation. The know-how can be transferred to ease the deforestation crisis all over the globe.



Seeds that are strong enough are ready to grow in new ways.

Developing seeds that are so strong that they can survive and thrive in any forest environment is one of Reforebot's core research areas. It has started experimenting and developing since 2016, a total of 22 species.

We are also developing bio shield to cultivate seeds while in the wild and waiting to grow. It is a home that nurtures and feeds seeds. Protect from wild animal invasions so that the seed has the highest survival rate.



A group of robots operating in reforestation and care.

Reforestation robots perform grueling tasks instead of human labor. Reforestation robots are designed to perform different functions but support each other. By dividing the work into the following steps


1. SITE MAPPING ROBOT  Robots for preparing and collecting planting data

Planting site arrangements require data to be collected to generate 3D planting maps and select species based on forest design in order to route plantings to the drone propulsion system for best results. in the shortest growing period


2. TREE PLANTING ROBOT  Autonomous flying robots based on a 3D map

When the 3D map is ready The drone then flies along the planting path with GPS navigation, flying about 1 meter above the ground and able to plant trees at a speed of 4 minutes per rai or 400 trees in 1 minute.

3. DATA COLLECTION ROBOT  The flying robot collects growth data.

Once the trees are planted, the next step is to collect growth data and measure the loss at an early stage. by collecting statistics on loss data to start planting


4. PLANTATION SURVEILLANCE ROBOT  Surveillance and intrusion prevention robots 

The obstacle of reforestation in the past was the lack of regular care. Because planting a large area requires a lot of labor. causing high cost of care Another obstacle encountered is the encroachment of illegally planted forests by poachers. The surveillance system flies daily surveys of the planted area and processes all the trees planted, and sends alarms. to forest guards immediately in case of forest encroachment with a flight range of 75 kilometers per 1 charge


The intelligent system controls the operation of the robot.

The system automatically manages reforestation and connects the work of various groups of robots to process and collect tree growth data. change of weather conditions Information on minerals in the soil Assess the growth of trees and plan the planting of trees according to the terrain. Prevent intruders and illegal logging in real time



Reforestation quickly is reducing the catastrophic effects of global warming. But at the same time, the economic view of the forest is not well known. in the corner of environmental scholars  Having a forest will give FOREST ECONOMY a new economy with high value and a huge contribution to the environment.


1. FOREST FOOD FARM Pure food Free from all chemical contamination The variety of species and flavors will become something of a curiosity. A fertile forest that produces food for humans will be welcomed and highly valued for health-conscious and high-income consumers.


2. FOREST MEDECIN  Forest  It is the birthplace of many species of plants.  Evolved according to the environment and the animals in each era. The diverse forests, far from human interference, provide medicinal herbs of magical qualities that can be used as natural medicines for medicinal purposes.  


3. FOREST TOURISME  Forest tourism will be one of the tourism of the future, and the forest will be just as important as a tourist destination for urban residents. Many countries have begun to develop hotels to be located in deep forests to be far away from people but with good facilities. Using forests as a vacation destination is a low investment, but the benefits are versatile and worthwhile.

4. FOREST ENERGY  Many studies say that a single tree can generate electricity. Forests may become one of the world's future energy sources in a few years.

STATUS  2021 

REFOREBOT was able to evolve Bio Seed with a 75% chance of survival in different regions. The project has received interest from SCG and is currently in negotiations to create a joint technology development partnership.  

REBORBOT is looking for a robotic and AI technology partner to develop other parts of the project. Companies interested in doing CSR projects or companies looking to buy carbon credit can contact EcoloTech directly.


REFOREBOT is a project collaboration between the education and private sectors. Ecolotech together with Professor Stephen Elliott, developer of Bio Bullet and U.K.- based BioCarbon Engineering work hand in hand to support industrial reforestation with technology that can help reduce human labor. REFOREBOT is currently under development. Fundraising from any private sectors who are interested in sustainable business and supporting new advanced agricultural technologies is mostly welcomed.


Stephen Elliott PhD

Forest Ecology from

Edinburgh University


Pakpoum Mahasith

CEO EcoloTech