“It's time to rebuild the world you want to live in"


                      Welcome ceremony to new students.

                             Mae Fah Luang University, Chiangrai

                                                       23 June 2016

Our company starts from CEO's curiosity.

In 2012, Bobby Mahasith, an environmental expert and entrepreneur, CEO/Founder of EcoloTech, came back to his hometown from Paris.  Trying to find some business ideas through an on-site experimentation, Bobby ended up uncovering many society-related environmental problems Thailand had long been struggling with.  So, Bobby went on further field research by going on rummaging through garbage bags on Silom, one of the busiest streets of Bangkok, and came out with a discovery that sparked his interests almost instantaneously.  One thing that came to a surprise for him was that the majority of things being thrown out from Bangkok’s households was plastic wastes from human consumption, in particular, disposable single-use water bottles.

Through data, research, and collective experience, EcoloTech came to a knowledge that people were unaware of how their consumption behaviors brought on unimaginable pollution impact to this great Earth and Mother Nature. Water bodies have long been contaminated with agricultural chemicals, and that does impact our environment as a whole. Learning about this information, Bobby decided to put into place the use of technology, hence, the atmospheric water generators came in as a solution. The device harvests clean and safe drinking water from humidity in the ambient air, and that will concurrently help reduce the number of plastic bottle waste being thrown back into nature.

EcoloTech -We start with Water..


That being said, in 2013, Bobby established EcoloTech’s first office on Sathorn Road.  EcoloTech came up with new solution ideas and brought in the development of water-related technologies to resolve these public drinking water/waste problems, once and for all.  Hence,“the magic” began when EcoloTech first, and single-handedly, literally extracted fresh, super-quality, pure water out of thin air for people to drink! 


EcoloTech began our embarkation on a green journey by importing the air water generators from Austria to sell in Thailand. And, as one of the first persons who gave a warning to the general public that oceans and marine lives are being seriously harmed by the ineffective waste management within our country, EcoloTech decided right there that it was imperative that people be cautious of the high costs in the production of drinking water that relate directly to the people’s costs of living and what the environment has to pay.


Sustainable Consumption is key to our products development and research.



In our views, a call for change in getting people to live more environmental-friendly is way too extreme for them. So EcoloTech searched for new approaches that will enable them to make change in their consumption behaviors without having to sacrifice too much of their familiarity of their lifestyles. EcoloTech then shifted the focus towards the development of our own products, and came up with tons of ideation aiming to attract more and more consumers to join forces with us in making happen a true responsible consumption.


EcoloTech’s first project is a product called the “Air Molecular Water Generator” that received funding from the National Innovation Agency of Thailand (NIA).EcoloTech was assigned to redesign the new generation utilizing the air water generator technology to meet with a cost that can be easily accessible by all Thai consumers and as well fit for exporting and bring back more profits to the country.


EcoloTech’s product design must be in line with our 3 fundamental philosophies, which are:

  1. Improve quality of life.

  2. Promote sustainable solutions to the environmental crisis.

  3. Lower cost of living.


Great vision attracts great partners around the World

And so, the second generation of EcoloTech’s Air Water Generators was developed under the idea that it must be of higher capability than the existing model, meaning, it must be more energy-saving,accessibly priced, and environmentally harm-free. This model of the Air Water Generators was a collaboration of ideations from Air Water Korea and WWS Company from France, and provided with a design support from world’s renown design firm, Jacob Jensen Design.


The Grand Voyage Of The Dream



A Water-from-Air Company was born on Sathorn Road


In July 2013, Bobby decided to open EcoloTech’s first office on Sathorn Road, and so “the magic” began when EcoloTech first and single-handedly, literally extracted fresh, super-quality pure water out of thin air for Thai people to actually “drink the air!”





The Water-from-Air Concept Has Been Recognized and Gained Attention from the Public


EcoloTech was awarded with a certification with overwhelming appreciation as a company that represents green business concept in a TV360 EXPO held atQueen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, and received an invitation from Green Key Switzerland, an eco-tourism organization, to be presented as a company with alternative technology that promotes sustainable water resources management in the Green Award Contest.



The Atmospheric Water Generators Received A Grant from the National Innovation Agency of Thailand 

EcoloTech changed our role as an importer of Atmospheric Water Generators into a company that develops own technology and continues to advance on building a device that can separate water molecules from moisture in the air and convert it into pure drinkable water. EcoloTech was then granted funding to build a prototype of the company’s first model of Atmospheric Water Generators from the National Innovation Agency (NIA), Ministry of Science and Technology in Thailand.



Water from Air Formed Alliance from South Korea

EcoloTech was invited from Air Water Korea, a company sponsored by the South Korea Government, to work together in order to develop the technology and product, with supports from KOTRA, the International Trade Promotion Organization.



Water from Air Favored by Denmark’s World Renown Design Company

EcoloTech was invited by Jacob Jensen Design Studio from Denmark to participate in their design experience by making an offer to design a second model of the atmospheric water generators. The aspiration being was to achieve a goal in becoming a global brand in the international market.



Water from Air, Korea Edition Model and Its Success

The Global Market model of atmospheric water generator under the collaboration between EcoloTech and Korea completed the list of standard tests, prompted for an industrial scale production to be ready for a worldwide distribution.



Water from Air Calls for Investors

EcoloTech made the first call to investors with a one million baht investment target being set, and welcoming both Thai and South Korean investors before entering into production and global market distribution.