อากาศ + ไฟฟ้า = น้ำดื่มจากฟ้า

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Air + Energy = Water 

อากาศ + ไฟฟ้า = น้ำดื่มจากฟ้า


Organic & Clean Water from

Air-to-Water Technology

Inspired by NASA’s discovery, the Air Molecular Water Generator was designed by engineers in Germany to produce the highest quality of organic water where ever you are.

High-quality and contaminant-free water can serve as an immune system booster. The Air Molecular Water Generator can replicate the natural process of water condensation, resulting in the very first drop of pure water that isn’t contaminated by any particles or substances on the land.

The Air Molecular Water Generator can collect millions of water molecules in the air and rearrange them using the Air Molecular Condenser. After being purified through 8 processes in Super Filters certified to German standards and disinfected by concentrated Ultraviolet, the result is pure and crystal clear water, perfect for drinking, and ready within just 15 minutes. Adding the Basic Mineralisation, this delicious water from air is guaranteed to be excellent in quality and chemical-free, suitable for health enthusiasts. 

Air Molecular Water Generator is certified by the U.S.A., Europe, and Japan standards to be the water of the future which is beneficial to your health and in line with the United Nations policy.

Welcome to the new revolution of water


How does the Air Molecular Water Generator work?


Our design concept is how to speed up the bonding between each water molecules in the atmosphere and mimic the precipitation process in our generator

With advanced technology, as the ambient air enters the generator, water molecules will be stimulated to assemble until they condense and form into water drops which are similar to precipitation.

The Air Molecular Water Generator can replicate the natural water condensation but faster.

Contaminated water and plastic waste inspire our development.


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Water from the air, a new hope for health in the chemical world.

NASA has discovered that in the Earth's atmosphere and around us  there was an enormous amount of pure steam floating around. and wait for the gathering of clouds to fall as rain

Water in the air is a part of the water formation process in nature. The water from the oceans, rivers, canals evaporates into the atmosphere all the time. by leaving the dirt below Floating against the cold and condensing into rain  


Drinking water from air is fresh.  Chemical free from the ground. It has a special flavor like rainwater.

When watersheds become more contaminated water from the air will solve the problem.

The state of the watershed has changed forever. Every day, chemicals from agriculture flow into our water sources. The water travels through the treatment process to become tap water before it is filtered for drink.

River has become source of all pollution from agriculture , from the north to the south. 

Drought is another problem causing higher salinity in water supply in Bangkok. And current filter technology is no longer able to withstand it.


Understand what your purifier has to do with it.

Ready to drink bottled water, convenience that comes with Microplastic  

Research results from many institutions around the world have come out clearly that drinking water from plastic bottles is the introduction of microplastic particles into the body which cannot be easily eliminated and cause all kinds of diseases that will follow.

Water in the air is an important option to help you and your family survive this risk. They are also cheaper and more secure.  



You can compare these for yourself.


Special features and technologies inside 



Developed from air purification technology The Super Clean Air filtration system will protect your water from dust, germs and viruses precisely.





Innovations from the United States. The system produces water from the air by using electric power to produce sudden density of air under 0 degree temperature.  Air molecular condenser will condense pure water droplets within 15 minutes.  




According to European hygienic standards, Ultraviolet light is used to disinfect virus and bacteria from water without chemical processing. Water becomes clean with organic quality.





Our mineral filter had been certified by the USA standard.  Europe  and Japan. With extra minerals, the body will receive adequate amounts of essential minerals




Assistive systems such as the Child Accident Prevention System, Water Sanitation System that treats water every 4 hours to keep the water fresh and clean at all times.

4 state-of-the-art security technologies

to make water produced from air molecules become the best quality drinking water in the world


Air purification system with HEPA filter to prevent PM 2.5

Air is an important raw material for water production. We therefore attach great importance to cleanliness by dealing with germs and various dust that mix.

Our air purification systems are designed to ensure that no viruses or PM 2.5 escape into your drinking water. It also becomes a clean air purifier for your home as well.

8-stage water filtration system  more than the standards set by the WHO

Taking care of your health is at the heart of the design of the water filtration system by a team of German engineers to provide you with the best quality drinking water in the world.

The 8-stage filter system goes from the largest dust to the smallest virus with an RO filter with a resolution of 0.0001 microns, 100 times smaller than the virus size. We test the quality of our water. at all times in various situations to ensure that our filter systems are the most complete in the industry

UV light disinfection system that fights all viruses

In addition to the filter system that is so strong that viruses can't get through your drinking water. The system also eliminates all pathogens with the same intense UV light used in the medical field.

Our Air molecular Water Generator is equipped with 3 UV points to ensure that no a single germ will invade your drinking water.


Special minerals for fine tuning in water

Minerals in water are what your body needs every day, but getting minerals comes with it. The trade-off for drinking naturally contaminated water is an avoidable risk.

Our Air Molecular Water Generator is equipped with a special water remineralization system.   That was designed from the lab specifically  minerals that are selected from natural sources.


Nutrient-dense drinking water is readily available for you every day and to take care to adjusting your drinking water to a balanced pH of 7.2 -7.8.

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เครื่องผลิตน้ำดื่มจากโมเลกุลอากาศผลิตน้ำอุณหภูมิห้องและระบบน้ำเย็น ด้วยอัตราการผลิตที่ 20 - 30 ลิตรต่อวัน


น้ำร้อน + น้ำเย็น

สินค้าจากประเทศออสเตรีย ผลิตได้ทั้งน้ำอุณหภูมิห้อง น้ำร้อน และน้ำเย็น ด้วยอัตราการผลิตที่ 20 -30 ลิตรต่อวัน สวยงามด้วยหน้าจอ LCD ที่มีดีไซน์ล้ำยุค



สำหรับความต้องการน้ำในปริมาณมาก เครื่องผลิตน้ำดื่มจากโมเลกุลอากาศแบบอุตสาหกรรมที่ผลิตได้จนถึง

10,000 ลิตรต่อวัน

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Safety of drinking water produced from air 

Free PM 2.5
Bacteria free
Sterile VIRUS
pesticide free
chemical free
microplastic free
Chlorine free
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Quality is Key

We only sell products directly from the manufacturer.

Reasons why customers

choose to buy products from us


Quality products that are durable and easy to care for. Spare parts are always available

Our products are designed to last at least 10 years if properly maintained which only takes 5 minutes at a time.


The maintenance of Air Molecular Water Generator is simple. You just need to keep the air filter clean at all times by rinsing it with plain water every 2 weeks and changing the filter only once a year.
(or every 18 months in a house that drinks less water )

We also provide service care every year by the company's team of experts. To check, clean, and disinfect all systems that may be present including changing the sterilizing lamp, only 5,000 baht per time

A team of professional technicians who travel to take care all over the country.

It might be usual when one day you'll see our CEO carry a mechanic's bag to take care of your machine himself.


After-sales service is at the heart of the company's care value. We focus on providing services that are close to customers. Take care of everyone like family. Provide assistance from the best of our ability.

Our customers can be confident that the company will continue to serve customers for the next 9 years . You can check from testament of our customers.


Because good service is the sustainability of our company.         

9 years of service with a base of over 2000 customers

Our first customer was born in 2013 and we continue to follow up with our care services year after year.  From the North to the South And we won't stop here.

EcoloTech's strength is the best customer care culture. In order to provide our customers with convenience, peace of mind, value for money, we monitor our customers' machines every year carefully. With the intention to make customers trust in our water production system that is good for the environment. Our reputation attire more and more new customers every year.


You can request us to let you talk to our other customers. To assure you that the decision to have Air Molecular Water Generator is a wise and correct decision.


"Production of plastic water bottles for consumption
is one of the causes of marine debris and global warming in this century.”

Parley Foundation


How drinking water produced from air 
to help solve social problems and global warming?


Our profits have given many poor people access to high quality drinking water.

Pass The Love Forward is a project that promotes equal access to good drinking water for everyone. We use a part of the sale profit to drive the creation of a drinking water system for the poor schools in remote areas. You can always follow the work of our projects. 

How can good drinking water solve the problem of overflowing plastic bottles?

Installing an Air Molecule Water Generator at home or at your office, you are not only help us to reduce the use of plastic bottles and carbon dioxide generation. You have also helped to encourage our company to continue to carry on its commitment to bring good air and good water back to you. Or even to your children in the future and for our world.


Is your health worth investing in?


Good drinkable water comes from good water sources. Through the production process that has been carefully paid attention to every step and have daily water quality checks.

EcoloTech's Air Molecular Water Generators are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It helps protect you and your family from toxic residues in your water supply and stay healthy from nature's first drop of drinking water.

With the energy cost of producing water less than 40 satang per liter, it provides the convenience of not having to waste time going out to buy drinking water outside that is at risk of infection from the epidemic.

All so you can be sure that investing in state-of-the-art technology designed to provide value and reduce risks for your family's life is worth every penny.


Because the good health of you and your family is worth to invest.