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First Company's Commercial Product


Reason Why.


EcoloTech strives to be the first company from Thailand on the global environmental stage who introduces the world to powerful new answers, creating cost-effective and quality innovations easily accessible to people from all dimensions of society.  


In 2016, Ecolotech has transformed from an environmental product vendor to a technological developer. Awarded a research fund from National Innovation Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ecolotech can now invent technological revolutions to reduce human consumption in non-renewable resources.


At EcoloTech, we believe in the invention of technological revolutions so we can help reduce human consumption of non-renewable resources. Through the innumerable projects of ours, we possess a strong purpose that encompasses all of humankind and living creatures, and a desire to leave the planet a better, more sustainable place to live, for you and for all.


Are you ready to rebuild the world you want to live?



The New Move of Revolution of Water.


EcoloTech had organized its first introduction event of Air Molecular Water Generator Made by South Korea engineer team to private stakeholders. Event hosted by Jacob Jensen Studio ran in positive atmosphere and attired curiosity of medias and investors. 




Join us in the change

Collaboration is the key to bring about big change. We are open to your ideas and initiatives. We can provide you our expertise in social issues, business strategy, financial plan and suitable technology to achieve the environmental objectives. 


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