Our aspiration?  The “new solution,” as EcoloTech calls it, has to be able to generate positive impact for society and the environment, and as well fit consumers’ lifestyles and practicality.

The Earth-Saving Technology Company

Our Mission is to Accelerate the World’s Transition to Sustainable Economy

A whale found dead with plastic in stomach.


Over 2 million of marine life and coastal bird are killed by plastic waste every year as they are unable to distinguish plastic from food. The situation even worsens due to over-consumption and poor waste management.

At EcoloTech, we are driven by a will of being a supreme ecological and societal Change-Maker.  We call ourselves Eco Warriors; our team consists of environmental experts and Management who share a passion for rebuilding a better world with the love of nature and good wishes for people and every life on Earth.


ECOLOTECH means creating technology for a perfect coexistence between human and nature without doing harm.  And that, does resonate our meaningful determination to save the Earth through the use of novel inventions and revolutionary technology.  EcoloTech avails ourselves as an owner of new designed thinking processes that defy the conservatives, where problems are handled only when imperative.  Holistic approach to a better and more sustainable planet to live in is formulated to fit each and every project of ours. Through the innumerable projects EcoloTech does, we make sure that each one starts with in-depth studies & research to identify and understand any problems from root causes, before coming up with an all-encompassing solution.


Our First Mission : To Understand


With our full team, EcoloTech penetrates deeply into social issues being uncovered, and comes up with a solution and the use of innovation to tackle those complications right the heart.  All this, is to be done under the one condition though:that any solution that is being formulate d must bring a holistic approach to the problems, and at the same time grow good return to our investors.


Our Projects Mission : To Save The Planet

At a global level, there are a number of social innovation enterprises alike.  We think that’s great, because our mission from the beginning has been to enable people to self-improve their quality of life via innovative products, derived from thorough analyses of factors in human behaviors, laws, political science and urban planning.  The more ways to do it, the better. The more people doing it, the better.  However, and in particular, EcoloTech strives to be the first company from Thailand on the global environmental stage who introduces the world to powerful new answers, creating cost-effective and quality innovations easily accessible to people from all dimensions of society.  That said, we offer a few things to raise the quality of everyone’s life without leaving anyone behind.

  • Solutions built for all: EcoloTech has initiated arrays of Startup Project Developments to solve vital environmental problems in many areas in Thailand in order to combat water shortage, drought and poverty.

  • We have developed REFOREBOT, a group of stage-of-the-art AI trees-planting robots to cover reforestation in an industrial scale.

  • We have created OceanPink Project, a public drinking water system that allows people to participate in protecting the ocean and saving marine life.

  • We have designed BeesGreen, a modern waste collection system that prevents waste from going into the nature.

  • We have introduced Znail, a novel urban transportation service which gives the maximum comfort to people commuting that helps eliminate the need to rely on cars in order to reduce air pollution in the city.


Our Recognition and Networks

EcoloTech is presently working in collaboration with the National Innovation Agency of Thailand (NIA) and Air Water Korea Co., Ltd., a developer of Air-Water Technology under the investment of the Government of the Republic of Korea.  We have been recognised as prestigious “Registered Solution Provider” member of the International Federation of Global Green Information Communication Technology (IFG Green ICT) of UNFCCC CDM for our solutions to the environmental crisis, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.