Safe drinking water production system from air molecules

       Clean water from the first drop so you can feel the freshness of pure natural water. Water safety systems need to be designed to be as rigorous as possible.


       Our Air Molecular Water Generator are constantly tested for water quality by German engineers who have designed the system to be recognized by many countries around the world for the best quality drinking water in the world today.     


4 safety technologies we designed to take care of your health

Air purification system with HEPA air purifier technology


Clean air provides clean drinking water. The first step in the production of drinking water from air molecules is to deal with dust from large to small particles such as PM 2.5 before releasing clean air into the water production process.

Our air filter system is specially designed. With a standard HEPA filter that filters out dust and odors from the outside while still allowing the moist air to enter the water process.

By-product of air purification to produce process drinking water  Air Moisture Extraction System®   You'll feel like you've got another home air purifier and dehumidifier added. Purified air will help reduce mold in your home. Helps extend the life of your electrical equipment  and make the air in your home more clean


The largest water filtration system in the world More than the standards set by the WHO with NFS standard equipment.


Although the first drop of raw water produced from air molecules may contain some dust mixed with the outside air. But managing water to be of good quality is much easier than water coming from the surface.

So that consumers can be confident in the quality produced according to the natural process of water production.   The cleaning engineering team has designed a special water filtration system that has  8 steps, more than any water purifier in the world until it exceeds the standards set by WHO. The filter system consists of

  • The first water filter is made of carbon mesh.

  • Zeolite filter, charcoal powder trap large dust produced from volcanic rock.

  • mesh filter

  • Pre Carbon filter that traps dust of medium size.

  • Post Carbon Filter for smaller dust collection

  • Reverse osmosis filter with a resolution of 0.0001 microns that traps all kinds of germs until the water is safest.

  • TCR filter, the last carbon filter

  • water dust filter


Drinking water from the Air Moisture Extraction System®   It is clean from all external pollutants with a natural filter system that comes with a special RO filter that does not emit waste water. You can prove it by reading our water test results from both the Department of Health and labs in different countries.

Water disinfection system without chlorine


Air Moisture Extraction System® Concept  is the need to produce water that is as natural as possible to achieve organic quality without the use of chemicals in the process.

It was a challenge for the engineering team to decide to install a UV LED Sterilization system. which is a system used to disinfect medical devices  by installing up to 3 points such as

  • Raw water tank that collects water from the first drop

  • The main water tank holds 16 liters of water.  

  • A pipe that transports water before it flows into your glass.  

This multilayer UV system ensures your drinking water that no viruses or bacteria can invade the barriers to your drinking water.


Water from air, water that does not lack minerals that are essential for the body.


From the test, the water from the air contained mineral content similar to that of rainwater. In which German engineers have designed a special filter to add the amount of minerals necessary for the human body to the water under the information that humans already get the minerals and substances from the food we eat regularly. Having too many minerals in water requires the body to excrete them. Unnecessarily increase the load on the body.

However  The minerals added to the water are carefully selected to promote good health for the body.