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Save Our Ocean With Art & Love

“There are tons of plastic garbage as big as Texas (the second largest state in the United States) circulating in the heart of the world oceans.” 

Capt. Charles Moore

TedX New York



Thailand ranks 6th in the world's biggest contributor of ocean waste, while 60% of the world’s mismanaged plastic waste in the ocean was generated by 5 leading Asian countries.

( Sources:  Science.org ) 


The severe ocean plastic pollution poses serious threats to human and marine life.
Impacts can be categorized as follows:

Impact of

ocean eco system

Impact of

human food chain

Impact of

human health

There are an estimated 270,000 tons of plastic floating on the surface of the ocean and according to a recent study authored by researchers at Plymouth University, a staggering 700 different marine species are threatened by its presence. More than this, researchers believe that plastic plays a role in rising rates of species extinction.

Research found that 693 species had been documented as having encountered plastic debris, with nearly 400 involving entanglement and ingestion. Between entanglement, ingestion and ecosystem damage, the threat of plastic pollution impacts marine species both large and small.

Sources :

700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct

Several recent studies are beginning to address the effects of microplastics in the marine food chain.


Different plastics spread throughout the ocean. As Styrofoam breaks into smaller parts, polystyrene components in it sink lower in the ocean, so that the pollutant spreads throughout the sea column.

In fact, not only do the toxins in plastic effect the ocean, but acting like sponges, they soak up other toxins from outside sources before entering the ocean. As these chemicals are ingested by animals in the ocean, this is not good for humans. We as humans ingest contaminated fish and mammals.

Sources :

Food Chain Transport of Nanoparticles Affects Behaviour and Fat Metabolism in Fish

Toxic chemicals contained in plastics cause neurological problems, cancer birth defects, hormonal changes gastric ulcer, thyroid problems and cardiovascular disease.


The endocrine disrupting chemicals in plastic have been contributing to obesity and diabetes.


The plastic bottles may leach cancer-causing chemicals such as phthalates ( a component makes plastic pliable ) And Bis-phenol A ( a component harden plastic ), which is a synthetic estrogen , can affect the hearts of woman and can permanently damage DNA of mice.

Sources :


Chemical Pollutants Sorbed to Ingested Microbeads from Personal Care Products Accumulate in Fish


Business Concept

Every year, a large number of Thai and foreign tourists travel to archipelago in Thailand making water consumption and littering an unavoidable problem. Following a great number of tourists is the number of waste that needs to be handled in an appropriate way. However, due to limited amount of budget and human resource, the process of carrying and eliminating waste can take up a lot of resource and energy. The effort to take care of a huge amount of waste is not enough to get rid of the problem that it started to destroy the environment around the national parks.


Ocean Pink is Social Enterprise founded by Ecolotech, it has mission to promote new model of beverage consumption in eco tourisme concept. By using the newest water technology to solve the problem of drinking water need in the area, we run our business into 3 stages. .

1. "Give Best Water"

Drinking water produced from fresh air, clean and no transportation cost.

Atmospheric Water Machine is a system in which uses electric energy to produce clean water. It can produce water from anywhere and can produce both drinking water or water to mix with other types of drink.


Atmospheric Water Generator lifespan is about 10-15 years. After that, the parts composed together for soda drinking machine, ice making and other types of drinks will be developed into a machine providing sample drinks to encourage new types of drinks for Thai SMEs in the future.


2. "Create A Sexy and Sustainable Way To Drink Water"

Providing beautiful, attractive and easily carried container.

Tourists can buy our drinking water from our ECOLOTECH SHOP, carrying everywhere and get free refilling water or solfdrink at Sky Dew electronic machine, which is dispersed everywhere on an island.


Drinking water bottle is original and will has its high value in many ways: Edition each year before vacation season, Ocean Pink will invite internationally well-known designer to present their collection through world organization namely Greenpeace. This is to promote new way of ocean tourisme.

3. "Make It Fashionable"

Create a modern and outstanding pattern of usage

Carrying personal bottle still has the limitations of comfort because when a bottle is filled with water, it becomes much heavy. Ocean Pink also foresees the limitation of persuading consumers to reduce a use of plastic bottle. We will create values by developing accessory to respond to various needs. We are going to collaborate with designers from different fashion branches to design an interesting portable system that supplies personal identity for any budget which supports a sustainable and convenient living in the future.


Where Profits Go

 Ocean Pink is Ecolotech's Social Enterprise project in Thailand. The objective is to help to find funding to preserve nature and environment while educating people to change the way of consumption more friendly for the planet.


One part of profit will go to improve working condition of local staffs. As most of staffs of the national park are low-wage officers, however, they have to handle hard jobs in their duty. Plus, there is limited funds provided by government which usually are insufficient. This makes staffs lack of equipment to properly support their work. Some part of profit will provide support in improving staffs’ quality of life, purchasing required equipment, and helping families of local staffs.


2. Create Community Jobs

Develop local Career and

preserve traditional lifestyle

Local people are always visited by massive group of tourists seasonally. But when it comes to stormy season, locals vastly lose their income because they do not have knowledge to work in other fields which cause them to fail in generating income in “low season”. This consequently increases environmental destruction to generate sufficient local annual income in “high season”.


Ocean Pink can generate alternative income for locals in low season period, develop education system provided for children, and restore local career such as fisherman and handcrafter to prepare for open season.

3. Support Artist Platform

We support artist who

work to save the ocean

Ocean Pink will create market platform for artists or designers around the world who want to join the movement. By proposing their designed products or graphic to be printed on Ocean Pink reuable bottles. They will earn 100 baths for each product sale. This can be a valuable income and promotion of their works.

1. Environment Protection

Develop environment of the island

Ocean Pink will provide support to local voluntary organizations by purchasing essential gears for voluntary practice to make their job easier. Meanwhile, there is also a budget to build educational center for new generation to join and become a new volunteer.