We turn air molecules into the world's best drinking water to reduce global warming.





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In Thailand, free drinking water isn’t provided in most of the public areas. Despite the availability of the water filters, the quality of water remains poor due to the unstandardized maintenance.

Unfortunately, after the inspection, the water is sometimes found even more contaminated.

As a result, many of the Thai consumers prefer bottled water certified by industrial standards.
They believe it is cleaner and has better quality but what they aren’t aware of is that this multi-million industry turns out to be one of the businesses that cause the most environmental hazards.


Source of water is mostly polluted.

The primary sources for drinking water for many Thai citizens are from surface and ground water sources.

Untreated domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and solid hazardous wastes have increased in the surface water bodies. It is reported that one third of the surface water is of poor quality in Thailand.

​Agricultural run-off pollutants, aquaculture and sewage are polluting the groundwater that is available.

When tap water is contaminated, what bottled water brings to you?

Researchers from University Naresuan declare found trace of pesticide, Glyphosate and Chlorpryphos highly contaminanted in tap water system, in local bottled water brands including fishes from Nan's river.

Most of bottled water comes from the city water. They are purified, treated with chemical before to be conditionned in the bottle. 

Bottled water companies gain high profits by drawing water from public water sources, putting it in plastic containers, and reselling it at 2,900 times the price of regular tap. 

Source : Thai PBS Channel 


The first drop of water came from the air. The earth’s atmosphere hosts over millions of water molecules which constantly convert into water and water into the air. Atmospheric Water is pure and safe from any chemical contamination on the land. The process is cost-efficient
and can be carried out anywhere. The only necessity is the source of energy for production. 


At Ecolotech, we believe that Atmospheric Water will be the new hope of mankind in solving water scarcity in the remote area and the severe drought resulting from the climate change as it helps produce high quality and pure water. Moreover, the process can be run in total autonomy. It is accessible to everyone and will help reinforce the fundamentals of human rights.


Ecolotech has developed the Atmospheric Water with an alliance from France, Korea, and the U.S.A.

Our mission is to solve the intensifying water scarcity in the world.


Water shortage is a national crisis which requires cooperation from each and every one. Apart from the environmental campaign, an innovative device to tackle the problems is considered essential.


Ecolotech is well aware of the crisis and has designed various Atmospheric Water Generators suitable for different cases with collaboration from related sectors who contribute to making changes. Our product designs focus primarily on the consumer’s lifestyle and demand. At Ecolotech, we invent an easily accessible and organic water system for everyone.

We aim to design better quality, cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly products that can reduce waste from water consumption.

As a Thai company, we thrive to become a global brand and an exemplar in sustainability.



We propose high quality of Public drinking water station. 

Skydew is one of our innovation to solve the lack of public drinking water spot. The idea had been selected to participate the final round of UNIDO Clean Tech Contest 2017 organized by Thailand Ministry of Industry .


Skydew is new concept of eco friendly beverage vending machine with low energy need and carbon emission free. It can run with solar energy or ocean wave energy.  

Skydew is targeting green consumers who live in urban area and offers a better choice for those who want to preserve environment.


Skydew is in development process.


2. Air Molecular Water Generator

Home use models

Project inspired by the idea that we wish each house can produce their own fresh drinking water. Where ever in the city or in rural area. The new model had been redesigned and reengineered to be more accessible to larger public at reasonnable price. 


AMWG project is collaboration between EcoloTech and Air Water Korea. The exterior inventive design comes from Jacob Jensen. World class design agency for Volvo and Bang & Olufsen. 


AMWG project had been granted by Nation Innovation Agency under Thailand Ministry of Science and Technology. And had been registed Inellectual Property in Thailand. It is planned to enter into global market at the end of 2019.


Air Water Generator for remote area.

Million of people can not get access to clean water. Many water source in their countries has been contaminated, harmful for their health. Children spends 5 hours per day to bring clean water to home. Accessing to drinkable water becomes major cause of the century and the current solution is still inefficicient.


Skygiver is social project from EcoloTech. We use a part of our profit to invent a new low cost water technology for rural area. We sell water in exchange of social work hours. This project aims to save people's life, reduce pollution from producing water and improve quality of life of people.    



Many inventors strive for their products to be viewed as nature-friendly. At Ecolotech, our products are made from the nature lovers who work incessantly to resolve the root cause of the environmental crisis, namely Human.


Desiring for comfort, human uses the natural resources without taking into consideration the negative long-term consequences. To change such behavior, we endeavor to invent products that are better in quality, worth the investment and able to create immediate changes. Our technological revolution can help reduce resource consumption, save energy and is sustainable yet being able to provide comfort. Once the product has proved itself to be more efficient, it will then become a part of the sustainability.


How can Atmospheric Water reduce bottled water consumption?

According to the research on Thailand’s drinking water consumption market structure, the local consumers procure water from 2 principal sources:

  1. Water purifier

  2. Bottled water purchased from stores or home-delivery


An in-depth study indicates that the water filter business growth declined; whereas, the bottled water industry leaped from 30 to 50 billion THB within a few years. Nevertheless, the more successful the bottled water is, the more the number of waste from plastic bottles will increase. The water purifier isn’t the public’s favorite as it is still dependable on the water from contaminated resources. Poor quality purifiers can’t filter all the chemicals in the water which consequently create strong unpleasant smell and taste. The water purifier market share is therefore limited only to the area near the downtown.


An Atmospheric Water Generator can substitute the production and the energy used in logistics for 164,000 bottles of water while maintaining top quality water than any filters in the world. Atmospheric Water Generator is an innovation that can truly help reduce plastic bottles. The consumers can feel confident in the high-quality water that can be produced anywhere by themselves without hassles from the water supply system and logistics challenges. The process should be carried out alongside with proper education and support in environmental projects.


Air Molecular Water Generator  The first prototype aerobic water generator has been completed and is ready for market.  The company is continuing to develop other models in cooperation with various partners in European and Asian countries. The project will open for funding from investors in early 2022.  

EcoloTech has begun the development of the Skygiver : a large-scale drinking water machine for poor communities in the backcountry in collaboration with three countries - USA, France and Sweden - to jointly develop a low-power prototype.  




Pakpoum Mahasith

President & CEO EcoloTech



Ecologist, Strategist, Business coach & Social entrepreneur


Ass. Prof Kovid Suwannahong

Scientist & Environmentalist

Co Founder

Lecturer of Water Sanitation System Faculty of Environmental Science Burapha University

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Michel Poyet

World Water Solution France



Engineer and Technology consult. Head of collaboration team in France.


Nam Jae El

Air Water Korea

South Korea



Engineer and manufacturer. Chief of collaboration supply chain in South Korea.