Turning Global Crisis into Opportunity

The 21st-century generation is currently confronting with countless major crisis while only a handful of companies care enough to alleviate and solve those problems.

Ecolotech was founded with a mission to resolve global crisis, reduce environmental degradation and become a worthwhile and sustainable investment. We aim to ensure a healthy environment for human well-being and equal resource distribution.

Join Ecolotech and contribute to building a brighter future and a better world for the next generation. You can rest assure that all life on earth will be in good hands.

Your children will appreciate what you have done for them today.

What will you get when your invest
in the
 unique company
with global vision in Thailand

Be the owner of innovation where customers are the people of the world.

Creating innovations to solve problems for people in the world is our passion.


The first question every morning in the company is problems we encounter in our daily life. What innovations can be solved? It is a question that inspires our employees to develop their ideas and research to create real solutions.


EcoloTech works with environmental designers and researchers in many countries to keep track of the progress of innovation.  We encourage and invest in the development of inventions that can solve the world's problems. and turn these inventions into everyday items at a price that everyone can afford.


EcoloTech plans to use the development budget of 10% of its profits to research and develop new innovations with scientists around the world. So that we can own the intellectual property rights of green innovation as much as possible.



Become the owner of an innovative business that provides sustainable returns.


At EcoloTech, we are not only innovating. We also build businesses that make our innovations easy to market.


Even great innovations can fail if consumers don't know how to use them or don't promote their business to be worthwhile.


EcoloTech  Innovate and create a market at the same time. Our air water generator is a tangible example. Because we are revolutionizing the world's drinking water system while we can create a way that can provide drinking water without relying on plastics. It creates new businesses that are attractive to the market and revolutionize the traditional business line that creates many problems. Reduce costs with new ideas make more profit and have a sustainable future


Investing in EcoloTech is therefore a worthwhile investment in generating income, improving society and creating innovations that are good for the environment, which will pave the way for new opportunities in the future.

Invest in a company with vision to be Thailand's first global brand


For a business to stand out in today's world Must be able to meet the needs of many consumers. The more the target customer group is more than 3 billion people, the business will be a business that can grow for a long time.


EcoloTech is a company that constantly monitors global market demand. And used to evaluate to plan a business that can respond to the needs of target customers quickly. We work differently with local companies that only look at local customers.


EcoloTech's goal is to create innovative products that will satisfy customers around the world. in a way that no one expected before At the same time, it can generate good returns for investors who want to invest in organizations that think well, do good and have good governance.  


with customers from all over the world to drive us  




vision and direction we are going


“The company's goals Is to set the problem of each problem and create new innovations that meet the needs of each person. and the best efficiency.”




3 main development goals of the company


Develop new business driven by Sustainable Innovation concept.


is to look at solving problems of the present to develop new products and new technologies that better meet the needs of daily life. At the same time, it helps to take care of the environment for better quality.


We have a policy to allocate a budget of 10% to support Research & Development Department for the development of projects related to natural fibers that will replace the use of plastic pellets (Bio degradable) with raw materials that are readily available and at low cost. Products that will create change for society  as well as contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for consumers.

Develop new products that drive Market-Creating Innovation


is to create innovative products with high prices to meet the needs of high-end customers while creating quality products for low-income consumers that are easily accessible can create jobs and a better quality of life for the people of the country while making the need for using natural resources less Examples of projects that are in the company's plans are:


1/ Develop a luxury AWG that everyone will love.


2/ Develop AWG machines that meet the needs of low-income people around the world.

Develop products to be compatible with alternative energy

is to create a product that uses the least amount of energy to operate. or can be used with renewable energy  The company's goal is to create innovations that can be applied in remote areas around the world.  It can help and solve water shortage problems in the area without the hassle of complicated innovations.  The company aims to produce an Atmospheric Water Generator powered by solar and hydrogen within the next five years.


How can you invest in our company

There are many ways to invest in EcoloTech and investors can choose according to their individual needs.





Invest in prototype innovation


EcoloTech is in the process of designing many innovations. which requires funding for development  Build a prototype and cost of experimental research


Investors can invest in research of the company. By participating in the ownership of the company's inventions and receive compensation from the profit from the sale of artifacts and earning from our patents

Invest in company projects


EcoloTech has a number of projects that are being planned with the public and private sectors.  The company needs capital to be able to drive the company's projects to success.


Investors can invest with us in our prototype projects and receive a portion of the revenue generated from the project.

invest in company stocks


EcoloTech has a program that allows people with talent and ideas that match our corporate culture to become shareholders in the company.  


Investors will receive returns from the Company's performance every quarter and are able to invest in other parts of the Company.




Get Inspired

Every investment has risks.

But not investing in innovation that will improve the quality of life.  Society and Environment It's a more formidable risk.  


Being an investor in EcoloTech innovation projects  You have contributed to making this world a better place. It is a sustainable business with long-term benefits.   At the same time, it still generates a lot of income like other businesses that focus on destroying the environment.  

Every time a water molecule water machine enters a customer's house that is victory It means you have helped reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste in our world.  100,000  bottle  !!!


Investments that focus on beautiful returns You have completely abandoned the opportunity to create a better world for your children.