How can we turn air molecules into high quality drinking water....


1   The water vapor in the air is drawn inside the machine by using fan system. The air pass through the air filters panel to filter dust and germs. (Electrostatics It is more subtle than that used in the air filters of wall-mounted air conditioners.)   The air enters in the cold storage condition as the first step. Air affects the cold at the dew point  causing the process of condensation in form a rain inside the cold room.


2.  The condensed water in the cold room flows through a layered sieve. First from the Zeolite filter to extinguish  various odors that may be attached to the water and filter out dust particles. Then the UV light in the water tank will work to kill and destroy up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs.


3  After the first sterilization water sucked into filter system 

   There will be different functions such as


       Pre-carbon filter: to filter various germ. Heavy metals, chlorine in the first place

       Post-carbon filter: to filter various germs.   Heavy metals, chlorine, one more time

       Reverse Osmosis Filter : It is a filter with small particles. The highest 0.0000001 microns, final filtration

       Filters to increase minerals and alkalinity in TCR water.    To adjust the value of the water to alkaline and add essential minerals in  water.


4   After passing through various filtration systems The electric water pump will send the water up. Store on top water tank which will have a UV sterilization lamp attached  to eliminate germs up to 99.99%


5  A final sterilization with UV light.   at the 3rd point during which the water is sent through the pipe to the faucet first.


6. Water pass the sediment filter at the faucet head again before releasing the water into the supporting container.