To provide you the best quality free drinking water in the world.   What have we invented for you?


Electronic faucet


A safety system designed to prevent accidents in homes with young children. Helps prevent hot water from flowing when children press play. Must be able to be unlocked by an adult only

System for converting air molecules into water

Power  condenser


Air molecular water generators extract water from the air by condensing water vapor in the air to condense it into pure water droplets. The Molecular Air Drinking Water Machine is designed to produce up to 30 liters of water from the air per day at 80% humidity and 30C temperature.

UV lamp x 3  ultraviolet light


Built-in 3-point concentrated UV beam disinfection system More than any water purifier in the world


This ensures that even in the air there are many germs. The drinking water you produce remains 99.99% clean and germ-free.

7-stage water filtration system


Pre-carbon filter : filter sediment, dust, heavy metal substances  Chlorine, pathogens in the first place


Post – carbon filter : second re-filtering


Reverse Osmosis : 0.0001 micron particle filter and we don't have a single drop of water to waste.


TCR filter :  Adjust the water to Ph 7 and add the necessary minerals.  

air filter system

Air purification system


Filters dust, dust mites and other pollutants that come into the air. With a high quality filter panel to get the cleanest air before it can be processed into water.

Smart leakage sensor system


Check for water leaks in the system. when a leak occurs The machine will automatically cut off the power. to reduce the risk of electric shock


Durable chassis for 10 years



Made of fine metal, coated with anti-rust paint. It is also tested in areas with high pollution risk. 


Low cost of electricity

The compressor system will automatically shut off when the water tank is full to save electricity. And it will start working only when the water level in the tank has decreased by 25%.




All in one system for hot and cold water

Produces hot water at 75 - 93 degrees and cold water at 4 -10 degrees throughout the day.  or water at normal temperature 


Automatic water cleaning system 

Every 6 hours, the system recirculates the water for cleaning and disinfection.  Keep your drinking water clean and fresh all the time.


Easy care inexpensive spare parts

The unit emphasizes durability and ease of care.  Suitable for deployment in remote or remote areas. Therefore, there are durable parts and the price is not high.