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The Earth-Saving Technology Company


EcoloTech, our company name, comes from the words ecology and technology. As our name suggests, ECOLOTECH creates technologies to allow humans and nature to harmoniously co-exist. We aim to develop solutions to environmental problems using innovative and revolutionary technologies. The design thinking process is applied to find solutions that effectively address the root cause of the problem, creating effective and sustainable impacts on the environment and people.  

Drinkable Water Project in Rural Area


Since the beginning of 2020, EcoloTech in collaboration with AUFU, an artisan product company, have been running a project that aims to provide potable water to rural areas in Thailand. We call this project Pass The Love Forward. 


The project is running with a social enterprise business model: money produced by selling limited edition bags designed by famous product designers (such as Kru Pan Somnuek Klangnok) is used to fund the project. 

Pass The Love Forward  aims to find sustainable and context-specific solutions to clean drinking water scarcity in rural areas. The first project has been implemented in Mae Daet Noi School, Chiang Mai.


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One Company, Five Missions


Know Our CEO : First Eco Warrior


Pakpoum Mahasith (Bobby): Ecologist, Innovator, Business coach and Social entrepreneur. After working as a business strategist in Paris for 20 years, Bobby came to his home country, Thailand, and built a company to find solutions to different areas of the climate crisis. 

Know Our Missions


EcoloTech's main mission is to find a way to make clean drinking water accessible to all citizens without relying on plastic bottles or increasingly scarce and contaminated groundwater and surface water. Learn more about our mission and how we are developing new technologies and projects to achieve them.

Events and Activities


See what events, activities, and collaborations EcoloTech has been a part of for the past 7 years .

Our Story : How Did We Start


Every business has a story. Learn about how seeing garbage bags at the side of Bangkok's lead our CEO to build Ecolotech.

Information for Investors


One of the best ways to fight climate crisis is to invest in a company that is taking effective steps to mitigate or adapt to climate change. EcoloTech invents projects and innovative tools that create positive environmental and social impact. Learn more about investing in Ecolotech.


Our Inspirations


Billions of people in developing countries do not have access to clean drinking water. This painful reality motivates Ecolotech to continue finding ways to provide equitable access to clean drinking water for all.  


Company Products


Atmospheric water generators, Ecolotech's main product, produces up to 30 liters of pure drinking water per day, eliminating any ground- and/or pipe-related contamination and reducing the reliance on plastic bottled water. Learn more about how these machines turn air into pure drinking water.

EcoloTech In The Press


Creating large scale positive change requires excellent communication. Ecolotech has appeared on several media platforms to spread awareness about climate change and how innovative technologies can help create solutions to it.       

Our Innovation : Air Molecular Water Generator


After 5 years of research and development, Ecolotech has built its own atmospheric water generators (AWG) that is more efficient and affordable than other AWG models.

Determination is the key to change.

Our Social Projects: Where Our Profits go?


Part of Ecolotech's profits goes to fund social projects that tackle issues such as drinking water scarcity in rural areas. Read on to learn more about our social projects.

Ability to Sustain

Everyone has different definitions of sustainability. Learn about what sustainability means to Ecolotech.

Air Water Projects Around The World


Many countries are conducting research to find innovative methods to extract water from the air. Learn about the technologies that are currently being investigated or used around the world.