Reforestation by Robotic System

" Make reforestation becomes industry"


Deforestation has been one of the national crisis for decades. Nowadays, the forest in Thailand has decreased as much as 75%, previously 30%, causing countless environmental and economic crisis. The government has failed to cease the deforestation or provide effective reforestation plan due to a shortage in manpower, budget, and lack of ability to surveillance all forest cover. The alarming decrease in Thailand’s forest areas leads to drought, water scarcity, and flash flood during raining season in the past years.

Why Robotic ?

To overcome deforestation, support tree planting drones. They can work 24/7
and plant as many as 1 billion trees.

Tree planting drones are designed to replace hand planting with Artificial Intelligence as they can perform more efficiently, faster and around the clock. Not to mention that they can as well provide real-time surveillance and immediately alert the rangers when detecting any violations.


These drones can plant 500 trees, equally to 1,600 m2 within 10 minutes while saving more cost than hand planting methods. After firing the seeds into the soil, they will monitor the trees and collect the data for future forest management and forest economy products.


REFOREBOT, a project by Mr. Pakpoum Mahasith or the CEO of Ecolotech, was presented to General Prayuth Chan-ocha in Thailand Industry 4.0 event in 2016 with support from Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, Minister of Industry.



Business Concept

REFOREBOT will focus on selling tree packages, tree planting, annual tree surveillance, and forest cover surveillance. Our aim is to plant 500 million trees or around 400,000 acres within 3 years and enforce reforestation within the locals, allowing them to monitor their own trees. REFOREBOT is suitable for :

  1. Any organization which intends to conduct a CSR in reforestation. Clients can purchase tree packages and receive a “Green Donation” token stating numbers of trees planted in a year. The token can be used alongside the client’s products and is certified by the United Nations as a genuine donator. 

  2. Any individual who dreams of owning trees. Clients can now donate their money for trees and monitor them through pictures and the satellite location.

  3. Any industrial company aiming to buy their carbon credits. We can assist in obtaining a certified document from the United Nations.

  4. Any foreign organization who would like to learn this technological reforestation. The know-how can be transferred to ease the deforestation crisis all over the globe.


Innovative Tools


Site and Seeds Preparation

Gun Seed 

Bio Bullet 

With hydrolic power

New resistant seeds  

Fast bio decomposable


Planting Drone

Controlleur Drone

Mapping Drone

Fast soil information collection 

Strong and resistant drone

Long distant flyable drone


Control Room

Off road mobility system

Ground Robot

Ground system during rainny season




1. Site Mapping

2. Tree Planting

3. Data Collection

Designing target space

Automatic planting

Growth observation

During the preparation step, the data will be collected to build a 3D map and suitable species of plants will be selected depending on the condition of the forest. The drones will then be programmed to fly using the most effective and least time-consuming route.

Tracked by GPS, the drones will be deployed once the 3D map is ready and fly approximately 1 meter above the ground. They can plant 400 trees or in an area of 16,000 m2 per 4 minutes.

Once the planting completes, the drones will record the growth data and the early staged loss analysis as statistical information for future replanting.


4. Plantation Surveillance

We keep eyes on the plant 24h

Constant surveillance has always been a challenge to reforestation due to a vast area, lack of manpower, high maintenance cost, and illegal logging. The surveillance system in the drones is able to track and analyze every tree daily. The rangers will be alerted accordingly if any violation is detected. One full battery charge can last up to 75 km of flying.


REFOREBOT is a project collaboration between the education and private sectors. Ecolotech together with Professor Stephen Elliott, developer of Bio Bullet and U.K.- based BioCarbon Engineering work hand in hand to support industrial reforestation with technology that can help reduce human labor. REFOREBOT is currently under development. Fundraising from any private sectors who are interested in sustainable business and supporting new advanced agricultural technologies is mostly welcomed.



Stephen Elliott PhD

Forest Ecology from

Edinburgh University


Pakpoum Mahasith

CEO EcoloTech


Drone developer company

United KIngdom